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It’s here! It’s launch day!!! I’m so excited that you are here and I can’t wait for you to see the newly renovated website of Vanessa Marie Photography. This past year has been about growth so it felt appropriate to team up with a graphic designer to help refine Vanessa Marie Photograpy’s brand. Thanks to the […]

Defining your brand is probably one of the most difficult task as a business owner/entrepreneur. You first have to understand what a brand is, then find and define YOUR brand. That may leave you with the question, well what is a brand? A brand is many things, it’s your visual presence, marketing strategy, client experience, and of course your craftsmanship. Since your brand will evolve with your skill/experience, this year I found myself outgrowing one brand and molding into a new one.

I once read, “Your website is your hand shake and your blog is your voice”. I didn’t really understand what that meant until…

I have no words. Yes! Me of all people! For the first time ever my work is published in The Knot Magazine! The best way I can explain how I feel is a mix between enthusiasm, happiness, proud, over-joyed, hysterical… which all leads to a really weird dance in the middle of my living room. I met Kristen […]

When I called my mother to let her know I have exciting news! Her first response was, “You’re pregnant!”. I get it. It’s expected after being married to Jorge for 5 years, but I have some time, people! Any-who! I’m insanely excited to announce that I AM NOW A FULL TIME WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER! That’s right, you read […]

It’s no secret… This past year I was horrible with blogging. And why was that? That’s a good question! I often find myself asking that same question. It wasn’t until a attended a workshop that I realized I had no good excuse. So this weekend I sat down and tried to figure out what was different from last year and the […]