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The best feeling in the world is turning your phone OFF! No really, try it. Take a weekend to yourself, place your phone on sleep mode (for emergency calls only) to unplug from the world and enjoy what’s in front of you. No social media, no texting, no boss calling you about a project piece […]

I left a piece of my heart in Los Angeles. If you asked me what I loved about LA, my answer would be the food, the beaches, the people, the lifestyle, and most importantly the beautiful 70 degree weather! I love the heat, the kind of love when you say things like, “Yes! It’s 90 degrees today”. Maybe […]

If you have told me 10 years ago that I would be adventurous as I am now, I wouldn’t believe you. Credits to my husband, for forcing me on hikes, surprising me with a parachute and jumping out of a plane, and pushing me down a snowy mountain without a clue how to ride a […]

Picking a honeymoon destination was a bit of a challenge for Jorge and I — we’ve never gone international together. Crazy, right? You would think within the 9 years of being together we would. Nope. Instead, we kept close to the surrounding states visiting Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, Wildwood and so on. I have to […]

Lake George is amazing! Let me say that if you haven’t gone yet, you should really take a trip to New York to see Lake George. The green mountains, blue skies and clear water was a prime example of nature’s beauty. This past weekend I went to Lake George for a camping trip; the drive there from Pennsylvania […]