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When Nancy told me that she was 2 months pregnant in the middle of the restaurant, I jumped straight up from my crouching position and may or may not have told her to, “Shut up!”. We were out celebrating our friend’s birthday and I should have known that something was up from the enormous grin […]

One look at him and it’s over… with pink little cheeks and dark brown eyes, anyone would fall in love with this cute little angel. Sebastian turns 1 years old this Tuesday; I can’t believe a year has came and gone already! Since I’m not able to make it to his birthday party… mehhh… I […]

I’m excited to announce that we have a new addition in our family! This weekend, I went to Baltimore, MD to visit my cousin’s beautiful daughter, Yireh. It’s so unreal that my cousin, Alexa, is now a mommy! Our mothers are twins, so we grew up very close together. We went to grade school together, […]

Congratulations to the soon-to be mother and father, Jackielou and Jonathan! This beautiful couple are expecting their baby boy this May. Which is just around the corner! In preparation for their son’s arrival, they painted his room and started collecting his “first” items. Eek!  It’s so exciting expecting your first child, and I can only […]

When Nicole woke up the morning of her 25th birthday, I doubt she had a scavenger hunt in mind. Last week, Nicole’s boyfriend, Victor, arranged Nicole’s birthday with little surprises through out the day. I thought that was the cutest idea ever! Victor would text Nicole with cute little quotes telling her where to be […]