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The best way to describe Adam and Dana’s love is magnetic — and they would agree! Since they’ve first met, Adam charmed Dana with his goofy ways and down to earth nature. For Dana, he had the ability to always make her smile and make those butterflies appear! And it’s true! After getting to know the […]

We had a wonderful time strolling through the gardens of Longwood. And as usual, it did not disappoint us even on a chilly winter day. I had a wonderful time getting to know Long and Duong as they shared the details of their Philadelphia wedding this late March — they have a guest list of about 300 people […]

This month I had the pleasure of meeting two kind souls, Angela and Jon. Their story begins during a job orientation as recent graduates of nursing school. The new-hires quickly became friends over what Angela jokes as a forced lunch date with Jon. But after months of working together and staying as friends, Jon couldn’t help himself […]

She was nervous. Yeah, sure, the guy may have swiped right and so did she, but is she really going to meet someone from an online dating app? Is this something all her friends were doing these days?!? Being home for Spring break left Paige with some time on her hands, so when her girlfriends told her about a […]

Have you ever met a couple and watched their interaction to only think to yourself, “Whoa, they are in love!”? Well, that is Ej and Nicole. I knew that I was going to adore the couple since they are good friends of Megan and Eddie. After our little Skype date, my suspicion was confirmed! It was the most […]