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She was nervous. Yeah, sure, the guy may have swiped right and so did she, but is she really going to meet someone from an online dating app? Is this something all her friends were doing these days?!? Being home for Spring break left Paige with some time on her hands, so when her girlfriends told her about a […]

As Jen slipped into her wedding dress, she ran her hands down the side of her gown. Today she was a princess. And in less than an hour, she was going to see her prince for the first time that day! As Jen walked off the bus, she took a shaky breath. In the distance she saw Kyle’s […]

Have you ever met a couple and watched their interaction to only think to yourself, “Whoa, they are in love!”? Well, that is Ej and Nicole. I knew that I was going to adore the couple since they are good friends of Megan and Eddie. After our little Skype date, my suspicion was confirmed! It was the most […]

Have you heard of the term, the blushing Bride? Well this time it was the blushing Groom. Can a Groom blush? Oh yes he can! As excited as Kristen was to marry the man that swept her off her feet, Chad could not stop bouncing off the balls of his feet. He was so anxious for […]

His attraction to her was instant. Although they had shared the same dorm building at Stockton college, Dave haven’t seen Nicole around until one night he was hanging out his buddies who also happened to be friends of Nicole. Bumping into the beautiful and outgoing girl was the best things that happened to him during […]